Orphan and Widow Feeding Station in Karumuru

We are delighted to tell you about our work in the village of Karumuru in Andhra Pradesh in India.

For many years we had been supporting the work of Pastor Sundar. He was feeding the orphans and widows in his home village, as well as pastoring the church set up by his father. You can see Pastor Sundar standing just to the right of Pastor Vic's shoulder in the picture above.

Pastor Vic and Nunsy visited 4 years ago and saw the great need for more funding.

On returning home they enthused the church and started sending enough funds to run the station.

The station was run out of Pastor Sundar's house, and the roof needed replacing. We found the money to replace the roof, but the whole house fell down as a result.

So we built a new house and feeding station instead, which was opened in December 2018.


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